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Willing to Witness

Witness? Me? What would you do if I asked you to talk to someone about Jesus, to witness for him? Does the very thought of it bring you out in a cold sweat?

A Big Deal?

Christians are called to be a light in the world. That sounds like a big deal, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. Being a light in the world doesn’t mean preaching to hundreds of people at a time. There are many smaller ways you can be a light to those around you.

Witness in Small Steps

You could get together with a number of other Christians you know, and simply pray for those of your family, friends, neighbours and coworkers who do not know Christ. That may seem lame, even a cop out, when it comes to witnessing, but God answers prayers like that.

You could ask people you know to join you for a social occasion. Maybe a coffee, supper, a barbecue or a party (at Christmas or New Year, for example). You don’t have to pin them in a corner during the event and talk to them about Jesus! Just letting them see the love you have for other Christians around you or perhaps for them in inviting them to the event and showing them hospitality can be enough. How do I know that? Because Jesus himself said that people would come to know him through Christians showing love to each other.

Holy Spirit Power Support

And if all that still sounds too scary, rest on God’s power. His Holy Spirit will give you the courage and strength you need. All you have to do is be willing to witness.

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