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Why You Should be Planning Your Preaching

There are three key reasons for planning your preaching: it helps balance content, it cuts down on preparation time and it helps other ministries plan.

Planning My Preaching

Last week, I sat down for a few hours and planned out my preaching until the end of March next year. This is something I do every quarter, and there are three reasons I plan my preaching this way.

Planning Your Preaching Helps Balance Content

Are you a preacher who tends to stick to the New Testament? Do you find yourself preaching from the Letters more often, because it’s often easier to pull application points from them? Do you always preach on topics? Or do you always preach through books of the Bible? Whatever your preference, it is likely, when under pressure, that you fall back to that default. Planning your preaching in advance gives you the opportunity to avoid this. If you notice that you are preaching from the New Testament for several weeks, then you can plan to balance that with preaching from the Old Testament. If you spend several weeks preaching on topics, then you could choose to follow that with a series from a book of the Bible, and so on.

Getting out of your comfort zone by planning your preaching stops your congregation from getting bored and ensure your preaching has a balanced approach to the Bible.

Planning Your Preaching Cuts Down on Preparation Time

How much time do you spend at the beginning of your sermon preparation time choosing what passage to preach on, or what topic to speak about in the coming week? Sometimes, that blank piece of paper or blank screen leads to paralysis! Planning your preaching enables you to move that prayerful decision-making to a longer, slower, dedicated time that you can carve into your calendar at the right time. Then, when you come to study for and write your sermon, you can get straight into that, knowing that you have already chosen the passage or topic. On top of that, preaching series means that you have already done some of the thinking. Preaching a four-week series on a topic or on a book of the Bible, for example, is much easier than trying to come up with four separate sermon ideas.

Planning Your Preaching Helps Other Ministries Plan Too

It may be the people who plan the music for your worship services. It might be the media team who put the graphics together for your sermon, if you are blessed with one. It could be your Bible Study leaders or your small group leaders. Everyone who inputs into worship or discipleship at your church will be benefit if you are planning your preaching. In my context (The Salvation Army), the Bandmaster, the Songster (senior choir) Leader and the worship group leader all have access to my preaching plan, which includes the name of the series, the title of the sermon, the passage I am preaching on and the “big idea” of the sermon. This helps them align what they are contributing to worship with what I am planning to preach. Sometimes, when I am planning my preaching, I think of something they could contribute on that day. Giving them several months notice can help them even more.

Put it in a Calendar

I put my planned preaching into a calendar. There are several around. I happen to use the one supplied by Brandon Hilgemann at propreacher.com.

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What about you? Do you plan your preaching? If so, what do you do? Why not comment below.

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