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Weekend Leadership & Productivity Blog Posts Roundup – 12/02/2021

Here are some leadership and productivity blog posts I have come across recently.

Now, More Than Ever, It’s Essential To Stay On Mission by KARL VATERS

“While it’s always important to listen to wise counsel, we must resist the naysayers, whiners and know-it-alls, and focus on the only voice that really matters. The voice of God who called us.”

A Surprisingly Accurate Way to See If Your Church or Organisation Will Flounder After the Pandemic by Carey Nieuwhof

“The difference in attitude between leaders who flourish and leaders who flounder predict the future in a surprisingly accurate way.”

5 Post-Pandemic Church Growth Accelerators by Carey Nieuwhof

“There’s no question that many habits and patterns are being reset right now, but with every obstacle comes opportunity. So what’s going to accelerate the growth of the future church? Time, of course, will tell, but here are five things that will in all likelihood help churches accelerate growth into the future.”

4 Types Of Thinking That Will Sabotage Your Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof

“Few people intend to sabotage their leadership. They don’t plant landmines throughout their day and wait for them to go off. But let’s be honest. Many leaders end up sabotaging themselves every day despite their best intentions. Intent has little to do with effectiveness. When you and I can see how certain patterns of thinking trip us (and others) up, progress becomes easier. Here are 4 kinds of thinking that can sabotage your leadership and have often tripped up mine.”

How to Design A Powerful Start to a Great Leadership Day by Scott Cochrane

“What you accomplish in your day is largely driven by the momentum you have when you start the day. Watch the most effective leaders. You’ll find that they hit the ground running each morning, and that early momentum continues throughout the day. The “secret sauce” of that momentum often found in the decluttering of their pre-work morning. Here’s how.”

Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

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