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Weekend Leadership & Productivity Blog Posts Roundup – 05/02/2021

Here are some leadership and productivity blog posts I have come across recently.

Need Encouragement? 6 Invisible Things Church Leaders are Doing Really Well Right Now by CAREY NIEUWHOF

“Most of what’s come at you in the last year has been discouraging…criticism from every side, events that are completely out of your control, operating in anything but ideal conditions. It’s a long list if you think about it. So, this short post is designed to do one thing: Encourage you.”

7 Factors That Will Erode Your Church’s Progress in 2021 by Dan Reiland

“Anything you can do from time in prayer to a good conversation with a trusted friend to help you gain a positive, hopeful, and faith-filled spirit is worthwhile. Let’s assume you are thinking clearly, feeling emotionally strong, and focused on what you can do! In this post, I’ve outlined 7 factors that can undo the good you have going.”

A Constant Challenge: Whether to Initiate Change or Not by Ron Edmondson

“There is a fine line between making things better and messing things up. One of the great challenges for the leader is carefully considering the balance intention between instigating change for the good of the organization and allowing things to continue without interference. Determining when to make change and when to leave things the same is one of the most delicate decisions of leadership.”

For the Love of Preaching: We Get to Preach (2nd in a 4-week Series) by Lisa Cressman

“Yes, it’s true that preaching is hard, hard work. It’s true that Good News is not always abundantly evident in Scripture; Jesus can be pretty harsh at times. It’s also true that meeting the deadlines to preach not only on Sundays but Holy Week, funerals, and weddings is taxing. … All the more reason to remind yourself of the extraordinary blessing that we get to do this work.”

3 Words that Make Meetings Great by Dan Rockwell

“Poorly run meetings offend the talent at the table. Our hatred of meetings points to an issue leaders love to ignore. You should be fired if you consistently waste people’s time and organisational resources. If you enjoy meetings, you may be a deluded leader sitting at the head of the table.”

Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

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