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Weekend Leadership & Productivity Blog Posts Roundup – 29/01/21

Here are some leadership and productivity blog posts I have come across recently.

The Most Important Principle For Your Church To Get Right This (And Every) Year by Karl Vaters

“Nothing stands alongside Jesus without eventually replacing him in our hearts, actions and motivations.”

The Leadership Quality That Will Help You Get Comfortable With Crisis by Lolly Daskal

“In times of crisis, one of the most important roles of leadership is setting an example that shows others how to respond. In uncertain times people look up for guidance—they watch those in charge to see how to manage their anxiety and stay focused and motivated.”

The New Scarcity: Why Content Alone Won’t Generate Future Growth for Your Church or Organisation by Carey Nieuwhof

“The competitive advantage of the local church isn’t content, it’s community and connection.”

For the Love of Preaching: Scripture is More than a Tool (1st in a 4-Week Series) by Lisa Cressman

“The idea of sharing Good News Sunday after Sunday, while fearsome in its responsibility, was a challenge we anticipated with excitement. And now? For many, that rosy blush has worn off the bloom, and the petals are curling and brown at the edges. 2021 feels like it’s going to be a really long year. That might be true, but if we walk into the pulpit stressed, tired, and wondering what we were thinking when we said yes to God’s proposal that we become preachers, our listeners will pick up on it. To counteract our preaching “blues” I’ve created a four-week series to help us all rediscover and relish the craft of preaching again. Each week will offer a reflection and experiences, exercises, or tools for you to engage and apply.”

Tech Tips to Help Boost Your Productivity While Working From Home by Jon Rumens

“With the array of distractions around the house, it can be difficult to stay focused. But here as some tech tips to help you remain productive while working from home.”

Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

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