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Weekend Leadership & Productivity Blog Posts Roundup – 22/01/21

Here are some leadership and productivity blog posts I have come across recently.

Church Needing Hope and Courage, Nothing Less Will Do by Brett Powell

“Without hope, pastoral leaders lack the vision necessary to paint a picture of a preferred future and the courage to interrogate reality with brutal honesty and analytical precision.”

“In all likelihood, this year will take us into the post-pandemic world. It won’t be the light switch you hope for (and suddenly, we’re all back!). Instead, it will be a gradual emergence into whatever our normalized future looks like. But at some point in 2021, you’ll look back and realize most of the pandemic is behind you and the future is ahead of you. The question is, what kind of new reality will emerge? What should you expect as a leader? So, in the hopes of helping every leader lead more effectively, here are seven disruptive trends every leader needs to watch in 2021.”

Are You Missing the Messages Hidden in Silence? by Scott Cochrane

“Effective leaders know that the art of communication is as much about listening as it is about talking. But to really master this art, leaders must learn to listen to, and interpret, silence as much as they listen to words. If you’re going to really understand what is happening with your team and with your organization it is vitally important that you learn to pay attention to silence, and to understand what the silence means.”

12 Questions Church Leaders Need to Ask Monthly by Chuck Lawless

“The Bible assumes believers will be striving to follow God, continually living in an ongoing state of evaluation, repentance, and growth. While I’m not suggesting Christian leaders need to ask all of these questions below every day, I do think we need to ask them at least monthly.”

15 Time Management Tips by Chuck Lawless

“I make no claim to be an expert at time management. What I am is a seminary dean, education consultant, church consultant, and local church pastor who has been forced to learn how to budget time. Here are some time management tips that have worked for me.”

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