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Weekend Leadership & Productivity Blog Posts Roundup – 15/01/21

Here are some leadership and productivity blog posts I have come across recently.

Why Your Words as a Leader Matter (Far More Than You Think) by Carey Nieuwhof

“I like to think of myself as just one voice among many, but as soon as I occupied a position of leadership, that changed. Suddenly, your words weigh 800 pounds, even if you don’t want them to. They weigh 800 pounds in your organization or church, and every time you post on social. It’s so easy to forget that people are watching, listening and taking cues. People look to you not just for direction but for tone and influence. Your tone shapes theirs. The way you speak and think as a leader is the way your followers learn to speak and think. That’s a very big weight.”

How to Prepare Your Soul for Leadership in 2021 by Scott Cochrane

“Today, I want to ask you a very different leadership question: “Is my soul in a better place today than it was a year ago?” For 12 months you’ve been doing the hard work of leadership. You’ve led through the crisis of a pandemic that has likely struck a blow to your team or organisation. All of these necessary tasks can take a toll on the leader’s soul.”

8 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2021 (The Rise of the Post-Pandemic Church) By Carey Nieuwhof

“Having been through a year like no other, what can you expect as a church leader in 2021? In all likelihood, this year will lead the church into the post-pandemic world. It won’t be the light switch you hope for (and suddenly, we’re all back!). Instead, it will be a gradual emergence into whatever our normalized future looks like. But at some point in 2021 you’ll look back and realize most of the pandemic is behind you and the future is ahead of you. The question is, what kind of new reality will emerge?”

Recall: Your Church’s 2021 Strategic Communication Focus by Rich Birch

“It seems like for decades, we’ve been talking about the fact that we’re losing a generation, and this past year has accelerated that loss. I do think that we are facing some tough days ahead. However, I’m not content to just sit by and let people slip out the back door because of everything that’s happened in the last 12 months. Of course, we’ve had significant disruption in the last year, and we need to be laser-focused as we look on how we communicate in this coming year. Your church has an opportunity to recall people and bring them back again, whether that be to in-person services or to engaging online.”

8 Questions to Evaluate Your Church’s Evangelism by Chuck Lawless

“I’m thinking about my own church today. I want us to be much more evangelistically oriented, so I’m asking these same questions I list for you today as I evaluate my church.”

Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

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