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Weekend Leadership & Productivity Blog Posts Roundup – 07/11/20

Here are some leadership and productivity blog posts I have come across recently.

How To Lead People Toward Grace And Peace In An Anxious Time by Dan Reiland

“Even with so much division right now, we are called to lead people into the love of God and the unity of peace.”

One Question I Ask Every Time I Receive a Complaint by Ron Edmondson

“Receiving complaints or criticism is not a rarity in leadership. It comes with the position. But, there is a question I try to ask every time someone complains to me. This one question is powerful in determining how I will respond.When I have complaints or criticism – one question, every complaint: Is the complaint individual or representative?

Pastors, Here’s Why Everyone’s So Mad at You Right Now by Carey Nieuwhof

“Criticism stings, and in a prolonged crisis like this one, just when you feel like you need more encouragement than usual, it feels like you’re getting all-time-high levels of static. What do you do when you throw your heart into it and you still get an ALL CAPS EMAIL, an anonymous note and people threatening to leave the church? Sure, you’re not perfect, but come on….really? I’ve gone through some undeserved seasons of opposition and criticism before, as well. Here are three factors that might help explain what’s happening, as well as three things that can help you push through the months ahead. We all need all the help we can get right now in the midst of this crisis.”

Can Software Make You a Better Disciple-Maker? by Jeremy Writebol

“Can a piece of software tech make you a better disciple-maker? If used well, then I would say, “Yes, yes it can!” This is why I want to introduce you to Faithlife’s newest Bible study software release, Logos 9.”

Three Ways to Make Video Conferencing More Bearable by Nick Morgan

“I’m seeing a lot of stress in the faces of executives and knowledge workers I talk to on video conferences these days.  So here are some ways to think about video conferencing to make it more bearable.  I call them “the Rules of Zoom.””

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