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Weekend Leadership & Productivity Blog Posts Roundup – 07/08/20

Here are some leadership and productivity blog posts I have come across recently.

10 Questions to Ask when Providing Pastoral Care by Phone or Video Chat by Don Whitney

“Don’t waste the opportunities provided by people’s isolation. The unusual circumstances may make possible better spiritual conversations with some people than you’ve ever had with them before. Having these specific questions before you will almost certainly lead to more meaningful dialogue than an unstructured, “I’m just calling to see how you’re doing” plan.”

7 Reasons We Must be Patient with Church Members by Chuck Lawless

“I’ve heard pastors jokingly say that they would love ministry more if they didn’t have to deal with people. There are days when I understand that perspective, but I also know that most of us have to learn to be patient with church members. Here are some reasons why.”

7 Ways to Work from Home Successfully by Joshua Reich

“It is becoming more and more common to work remotely. Not only in offices but for churches. The transition to this or starting your own business in your house can be difficult. I’ve worked from home for at least half of my week for the last decade and, through trial and error, have found some things that have worked (and not worked).”

7 Ways To Make Really Fast Leadership Decisions by Ron Edmondson

“There are those moments in leadership when you have to make quick decisions. If COVID-19 has taught us anything it is that sometimes we just have to move forward with limited information. Like every decision a leader makes, the decision impact others. During a pandemic, it hasn’t mattered how large or small an organization you lead, you simply had to act – and many times act NOW. There are times, when, as a leader, you simply have to move forward. So, when you do, here are a few ways to make better quick decisions.

How I Cured My Monday Hangover and Summer Slump by J.R. Briggs

“I am sluggish on Mondays, yet extremely motivated on Thursdays. My thoughts are creative and clear in the mornings, but when I attempt deep thinking mid-afternoon I often feel like I’m running in sand. My soul always feels different in January than it does in August. Why is this? As a ministry leader, I’ve had the sense that timing is crucial, but I’ve never known why until recently.”

Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

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