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Weekend Leadership & Productivity Blog Posts Roundup – 01/05/20

Here are some leadership and productivity blog posts I have come across recently.

15 Signs of Leadership Fatigue by Chuck Lawless

Given the stress many church leaders are under during this COVID-19 crisis, I’m updating and reposting this word from 2015 to encourage each of us to be aware of leadership fatigue.

12 Simple Strategies to Pray More by Chuck Lawless

I know very few people who don’t struggle with prayer. Sometimes we try to fix this problem by seeking to become a prayer warrior overnight. A better approach is to build your prayer life one step at a time. Here are some simple strategies for increasing your prayer.

7 Tips for Preaching Online by Peter Mead

Here are 7 quick suggestions if you are new to preaching to a camera.

Why we shouldn’t ditch the traditional sermon just yet by Stephen Kneale

We should all be against boring, dull, pointless preaching. But that shouldn’t mean we are against preaching. Preaching is God’s principal means of growing his people. It is through the folly of preaching that the lost will be won and God’s people discipled to maturity. It’s not the only means of teaching and it’s not the only way. But I think we should be wary of those who would call us to ditch it altogether.

The Communication Secrets of Craig Groeschel by Lane Sebring

Craig Groeschel, the pastor of Life.Church, has always inspired me to be a better communicator. I’ve watched him preach for over 15 years and have seen his church grow from when I first heard of them in 2001 when they had a mere two campuses and only like five or six thousand people (I know, I know, infancy stage) to 26 locations in eight states and over 100,000 people attending weekly.

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