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You can also access this Webcast at https://basingstokesalvationarmy.sermon.net/main/main/21606498

You can find an archive of our live broadcasts at https://basingstokesalvationarmy.sermon.net/liveworship/ or using the Video Gallery below:


Prayer Works!

June 10, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: Do you ever find yourself in a hopeless situation and wondering if praying about it will actually work? #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210611/

Keep Praying, Even When There's No Answer

June 9, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: Do you have a prayer that God has not yet answered? Then keep persisting. God knows the best time to act. #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210610/

Make Your Prayers Specific

June 8, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: When you feel hopeless and you talk to God, he can help you make specific prayers to him. #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210609/

Don't Be Afraid to Get Emotional with God

June 7, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: How do you speak to God when you pray? Do you speak formally to him? Do you tell him what you think he wants to hear? Or are you honest with him? #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210608/

If You Feel Hopeless, Tell God

June 6, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: What do you do when you feel hopeless? Surrounded by worry or conflict, or perhaps plagued by depression and guilt? #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210607/

Praying our Fears Together | Basingstoke Salvation Army | Live Worship - 6 June 2021

June 6, 2021 | By: Lieutenant Rob Westwood-Payne |

Basingstoke Salvation Army is led by Lieutenant Rob Westwood-Payne, and exists to welcome everyone into God’s family; equip everyone to follow Christ’s life example; love God with all of our heart; tell everyone God’s story and serve everyone by meeting their needs. The use of music in this video is covered by the following licences: CCLI Church Copyright Licence No. 30158 CCLI Music Reproduction Licence No. 615607 CCLI Church Video Licence No. 833953 CCLI PPL Church Licence No. 1649696 CCLI PRS for Music Church Licence No. 1003304 CCLI Streaming Licence No. 57569 PRS Limited Online Music Licence No. LE-0019444

Church Can Make You Happy!

June 3, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: Have you ever met a miserable Christian? Don't look at them if you're sharing space with them at the moment! #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210604

God's Blessings are Not Just for Us

June 2, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: What do you do with the blessings God gives you? The example of the early church is to share them. #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210603

God's Family Can Help You Grow

June 1, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: What does a baby need to grow? Food? Water? Perhaps what the baby needs most is a family. #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210602

Love Helps the Church Grow

May 31, 2021 | By: Basingstoke Salvation Army |

Today's #BattleDrill: What do you think attracts people to church? Good music? Great preaching? Superb coffee? #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional https://www.equippinghispeople.com/battle-drill-210601