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Are You Worrying?

What’s worrying you today? Worrying is bad for your health. What’s the one thing that can de-stress you?

Popular De-Stressors When Worrying

When I am exhausted or overloaded, I tend to eat! That’s not particularly healthy, although a good meal out somewhere is a great de-stressor. Some people will lose themselves in a film or TV programme. Others will get involved in a sport or hobby. These can all be great ways to unwind.

Come to Me and Rest

But they’re not really enough. Somehow, they cannot rest our soul. Deep down, we are still worrying. There is only one thing that helps me stop worrying. It’s the deep, inner peace that only God can bring. Jesus says:

‘Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest’. (Matthew 11:28 NRSVA)

Notice for a moment what Jesus doesn’t say. He doesn’t say, Come to church. His message isn’t that you must spend at least fifteen minutes every day reading your Bible. He doesn’t say, Show up to the prayer meeting. He isn’t saying you must join the Bible Study group. He understands that when you’re worrying and feeling overloaded, doing one more thing might well tip you over the edge.

His message is this: Come to me. Rest. Turn to me. Tell me what you’re worrying about. Just spend time alone with me in my presence. Stop. Be still.

Turn to Jesus

When we’re worrying about something, we usually turn to any number of things or other people, before we turn to Jesus. We try to handle things on our own. And all the time, Jesus is waiting for us to turn to him. So, if you’re worrying about something today, call out to Jesus for his help. Come to him, and he will give you the soul rest you truly need.

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