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Basingstoke Salvation Army sermons online: On this page you can watch or listen to our Salvation Army sermons online and subscribe at Basingstoke Salvation Army Video Sermon Podcast or Basingstoke Salvation Army Audio Sermon Podcast.

I preach most Sundays, although there are sermons included from special guests throughout the year. We try to provide positive, practical encouragement from the Bible each week. Some sermons are Salvation Army-centric, but most of them are applicable to all Christians.

During each sermon, I seek to carefully explore the passage we are looking at, placing it context. I try to find illustrations that help you connect with the issue we are exploring. I focus on taking us on a journey that makes the message life applicable. Having heard what the Bible says in a particular passage and on a specific issue, the question remains, So What? What do I do about what I’ve heard? What difference will it make in my life today?

I pray that you will enjoy these Salvation Army sermons online and that you are challenged by the messages from God’s Word.

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