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Seeing with Jesus’ Eyes

Every person longs to be seen. Not just looked at, but truly seen with compassion.

Jesus’ Deep Compassion for People

When Jesus saw people, he had deep compassion for them. Nine times in the New Testament Jesus has love and deep compassion for people to the pit of his stomach for those who were hurting.

Seeing People through Jesus’ Eyes

As Jesus followers, we need to show the same deep compassion. Rather than seeing a blur in the crowd, rather than focusing on the external, rather than allowing ourselves to be distracted by the labels society would attach to people, rather than simply falling for the stereotype, we need to see the people around us with Jesus’ eyes.

Look Someone in the Eye

Who does Jesus want you to truly see this week? There will be people in your life who seem directionless, like “sheep without a shepherd” (Mark 6:34). Will you take the opportunity to tell them you see them? Look them in the eye this week and tell them:

  • I see how much effort you put in to that meal you cooked for me.
  • I see how much you’ve grown as a human being recently.
  • I see that you are a loyal friend.
  • I see that you do your work with integrity.
  • I see the potential you have for leadership.
  • I see how that piece of work is a struggle for you at the moment.
  • I see how sad you are at the loss you’ve experienced.
  • I see your inner beauty.
  • I see the way in which you try to bring the Kingdom of God into others’ lives.

Will you see those around you as Jesus sees them this week?

Your response

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