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Living as People of the Cross

Good Friday is over for another year. In the light of Jesus’ work on the cross, how do we live as People of the Cross?

Living in Victory

Jesus died with a cry of victory on his lips: “It is finished!” We must live in the light of that victory. As the events of Good Friday begin to fade in the memory once more, we should remember we are ransomed, healed, restored and forgiven.

Sharing Victory

It is this fact that enables us to follow Christ‘s life example. It is Christ’s work on the cross that empowers us to share that work with the whole world. It is Jesus’ example that means we can bear our own cross by offering his sacrificial love to those around us. It is the power of the cross that helps us die to ourselves, to our own sin and shame, and to live the new life of the kingdom.

People of the Cross

The cross changes us. We become people of the cross.

Jesus’ challenge to the powers of death through the good news of life is now our vocation. We need to live our lives as People of the Cross.

How will you do that this week, and beyond?

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