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Pastor and Time Management: People Person = More Time Management

When it comes to the pastor and time management, if you are a “people person” you need more time management, not less.

A People Person Cannot Time Manage

One of the biggest pushbacks I get when it comes to the pastor and time management, is those who say, “I’m a people person. I have to be available to them, and that means I can’t manage my time”.

I understand where that comes from. Productivity coaches will often suggest you need to avoid time wasters, organise your calendar and avoid interruptions. Those who call themselves a “people person” are worried that making such changes will mean they are less available and accessible to their people.

A People Person Needs More Time Management

I believe the opposite is true. If a pastor is disorganised, if their calendar is mismanaged, then they will actually have less time for those who need them most. As I said in an earlier post, how we spend our time comes at a price. Every minute of mismanaged time is a minute we cannot devote to our people. If we do not organise our calendar, if we do not prioritise our task list and schedule adequate time to complete each task, if we do not ensure we have met our responsibilities and included time for adequate rest, then we are robbing others of the time we have to serve them.

If we are determined to spend as much time with our people as possible, then we need to be aware of this conundrum: working with people is not efficient. Being a people person means wasted time, on occasions. Being a people person means being interrupted when you are in the middle of deep work. Being a people person means sometimes having to change your plans. That’s precisely why a people person needs more time management, not less. It creates more margin to take account of the time intensity of pastoring our people.

The Pastor and Time Management

Only if we are committed to free ourselves from firefighting our deadlines can we be fully present to those around us. If you’re a people person and material on the pastor and time management leaves you cold when it talks about accomplishing things, finishing what you started, achieving goals and pursuing excellence, then let the people you serve drive you to manage your time better instead. The better you are at time management, the more time you will be able to attend to them in loving service.

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