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Claiming Resurrection Power

Have the celebrations of Easter Sunday left you cold? Sometimes, our circumstances are so dark that we just don’t feel like joining in.

Have You Lost All Hope?

For whatever reason, you may feel confused, desperate or afraid. You may feel as if you have lost all you had hoped for. Your life might resemble Good Friday much more than Easter Sunday now. I don’t want to belittle your feelings or dismiss your circumstances. But just maybe, it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

My prayer for you would certainly be that through whatever it is you hate now, whatever you don’t understand, whatever you wish had never happened, that one day, God will do something big through it all.

Easter: God Can Do Something Through Our Difficulties

None of us would choose trials or difficulties. But it is possible to become closer to God through them. It is possible for God to do something in us because of them. Jesus could not be held to the cross by the nails. He could not be held in the tomb by a stone. He is risen!

How could you claim the resurrection power of Jesus in your life today?

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