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The Cure for Busyness

How many minutes have you had to yourself today? We live in a culture where we prize ourselves on being busy. What’s the cure for busyness?

The idea of taking time away from our busyness doesn’t sit well with people in western society, including Christian leaders. How many of us – myself included – feel we have to reply “busy” when someone asks us how our day or week has been? As a leader, we don’t often feel we have the right to do nothing. Our busyness is often caught up in our feelings of self-worth. We feel like a failure if we need rest.

The Cure for Busyness

God’s cure for our busyness is to spend his gift of time with him. Here are three ways you might do this:


Start a regular meditation practice. You can use a mindfulness technique, such as that provided by the Headspace app, or Christian meditation through apps like Soultime or Abide. These create space to allow you to sit with God and your thoughts and unanswered questions. To rest in him and to sense his presence.

Pause in the Moment

When you feel busy or agitated, choose to pause in that moment. Allow God to show you that you are reacting to the world and allowing it to control you, rather than being controlled by the Holy Spirit. Pause, pray and breathe and then lean into God to help you get done only what he wants you to get done.

Sense God in the Stillness

When life is still – perhaps in the stillness of the early morning or the night, or in the wee small hours – resist the urge to do something, like pick up your phone and tap on social media or open Netflix, or plan your day, or send some emails. Instead, simply rest in God’s presence. Talk to him and let him talk to you.

Embracing God’s gift of time, and slowing down to enjoy it, is the cure for busyness. Allow yourself the time to make time for it this week.

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