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Abide in Jesus Today

Jesus invites us to connect in him; to abide in him. He invites us into a constant, continuous relationship with him. But there’s a problem. For many of us, that just seems like really hard work.

It might be something we long for, but the idea of constantly trying to connect with Jesus seems like something we’re going to fail at quite often. So we might half-heartedly try to do it and give up. Or worse, we might not try at all.

Energy and Discipline?

Abiding in him surely takes huge amounts of energy and discipline? We have to cling to him and constantly remember to communicate with him. When we’re busy, or in difficult circumstances, surely that’s impossible! Sin and other needless distractions get in the way. Have you noticed how many thoughts crowd in on you when you sit down with your Bible or begin to pray?

Jesus Clings to You

But the good news is there is an answer! We don’t have to work hard at it. If we open ourselves to him, Jesus comes to us. We don’t have to cling to him as much as he clings to us. We don’t have to communicate with him as much as he is already communicating with us. God will give us the grace to let go of what hinders our relationship with him. Moment by moment, day by day, God gives his grace to enable us to abide in Jesus. He will supply the strength. He will supply the energy we need. He will give us the discipline.

You and I have all that we need today to stay in Jesus. You have just enough strength to abide in him. So instead of doubting our ability to abide in him, why don’t we just rest in him instead? God will meet us in our weakness and he will abide in us as we abide in him.

How could you open yourself to God today and allow him to abide in you as you abide in him? Why not comment below.

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