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You’re a Christian leader with the drive and passion to lead. But sometimes, like me, you need some fresh ideas and insight. I post a couple of times a week about what I’m learning, to help you live and lead too.

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I am passionate about equipping God’s people for works of service that God calls us to out in the world, wherever we are, day by day.


When it comes to Christian leadership, like General John Gowans, I often wonder, Why Me?

Productivity: The challenge of balance

When it comes to productivity, almost everyone struggles with work-life balance and Salvation Army officers are no exception. I find it impossible to get everything done that I want to achieve.

Christian leadership Articles

Christian leadership articles to equip you to discover the marks of Christian leadership and explore what characteristics and traits are needed to become an effective and inspirational Christian leader.


Productivity blog posts to equip you for personal effectiveness, especially in Christian ministry.

Discipleship Articles

These discipleship articles seek to equip you in your growing walk with Christ. Discipleship is an ongoing process. We should never stop learning. We are continually learning and growing stronger in our relationship with God and in our love for others.

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Christian Leadership & Lifestyle Articles

Prayer Works!

Do you ever find yourself in a hopeless situation and wondering if praying about it will actually work?

Keep Praying, Even When There’s No Answer

Do you have a prayer that God has not yet answered? Then keep persisting. God knows the best time to act.

Make Your Prayers Specific

When you feel hopeless and you talk to God, he can help you make specific prayers to him.